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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  October 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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waive extradition to be brought back to montgomery county. friends of lopez say the charges were out of character. >> he was a friend, you know. i'm blown away by it. it's not the person that i knew. >> news 4 obtained search warrants for mcquain's suv and the hotel where lopez was arrested. police found two cell phones in the car as well as 18 copies of a marriage certificate. in the hotel, investigators found a box cutter, mcquain's credit card, and nine $100 bills. in prince george's county, police hope a $25,000 reward can lead to the arrest for the murder of a 17-year-old. a large crowd held a vigil for justin isaacs last night. he was shot to death outside on apartment building on iverson street last week. police have not released any leads in the case so far.
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>> tom kierein joins us now. it's going to start clouding up a bit more today. >> our wonderful sunny autumn party is over. we'll have rain here within 24 hours. right now off to a dry start. the only thing to look out for are leaves swirling across the street and deer as well. they are darting about. it's a cool morning. we're down into the 50s most locations, even 40s, a few spots in frederick and montgomery counties. it's in the mid-40s in much of western maryland and much of west virginia. in montgomery, arlington, fairf fairfax, prince george's county. most locations mid-50s. upper 50s by the bay. over the last 12 hours, we've had these clouds cruising in along a stalled front. the front that came to us is sort of drifting back north. we've got a lot of cloudiness associated with that. sunrise at 7:20. clouds in and out.
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peeks of sunshine from time to time throughout the day. highs reaching up around 70 or so, maybe briefly low 70s by midafternoon. we'll have that rain beginning to arrive late tonight. we'll look at your evening planner. that will be coming up at 4:41 in ten minutes. now let's check the traffic on this tuesday morning. good morning, danella. >> good morning. we have breaking news coming out of olney, maryland. if you're traveling georgia avenue, all your lanes are shut at bachelors forest road. it may be best to avoid georgia avenue all together. take new hampshire avenue instead to continue your commute. also, if you're traveling on 395 right now, i have the ramp to edsall road shut down. traveling 395 north, your ramp to edsall is shut down. traveling the american legion bridge, no problems there. and as you make your way to the 14th street bridge, it is clear
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as you head into the city. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. new overnight, an elaborate prisoner swap between israel and the palestinians is under way. nbc news has just learned that an israeli soldier was turned over to egyptian authorities, and he is in good health. buses are also beginning to carry palestinian prisoners across into the west bank and gaza. israel agreed to release hups f hundreds of palestinian prisoners in exchange for the soldier who had been held captive for five years. today you'll see daredevils hanging from the side of the national cathedral. the same crew that spent a week dangling from the washington monument is now inspecting the cathedral to determine how much damage the august earthquake caused. this week they'll examine the cathedral and then head to the bell tower that suffered so much damage last week. all the repairs could take up to ten years to complete.
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the cathedral is scheduled to reopen on november 12th. prince george's county will hold a special election today to replace council member leslie johnson. johnson resigned after pleading guilty to evidence tampering in a sweeping corruption scandal in which her husband, former county executive jack johnson pled guilty to bribery. polls open at 7:00 this morning and will close at 8:00 p.m. an unusual blunder for the defense department as president obama continues his three-day bus tour. a truck carrying equipment for one of the president's stops is stolen. the truck was parked at a hotel just north of richmond when thieves stole it. the defense department says it was carrying a presidential podium, teleprompter, and portable sound system. the truck was later recovered. this time the government won't say if the thieves took anything. one of the president's most frequent critics will join him
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during one of his bus tour stops in virginia. governor bob mcdonnell will be with president obama tomorrow at the joint base langley eustis in hampton, where the president is announcing a plan to put veterans to work. the president will be making stops in jamestown, north carolina, and emporium, virginia, today, the second day on his three-day bus tour. during stops monday, the president proposed breaking up his failed jobs bill and passing it key piece by key piece. republicans are attacking the president's trip, saying he's campaigning for re-election on the taxpayer's dime. an alert for parents in fairfax county this morning. oaktown vienna are warning of a predator lurking near the school. two female students were approached by an unfamiliar man on friday afternoon on blake lane. the man walked away without incident. however, it follows a case last
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week where police say a man tried to abduct a 16-year-old girl just blocks away. he was watching the redskins game on the couch like everybody else in the area when his dog began barking. little did one homeowner know, he'd soon be making a tackle of his own. as jane watrel reports, he stopped a thief who had already hit another house in fredericksburg, virginia. >> hi five. yeah. >> reporter: john delacy and his dog chloe are quite a team, catching a burglar who broke into their fredericksburg home in broad daylight. it happened in the redskins game. >> around the third quarter, she got real funny. she got halfway off the couch and doing her bark. i told her to zip it. she was sitting there and doing this weird -- it wasn't an outright bark. it was more like i smell something, i guess, kind of bark. >> reporter: curious, delacy headed downstairs, chloe right behind.
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>> he was standing about right here, and i quickly moved in, not only just questioning who the hell are you and why are you in my house but you're not leaving. >> reporter: but 41-year-old robert white had other ideas. >> he put his chin down so i couldn't get underneath it. as he was trying to scurry out from under me, i was trying to stay on top of me. we went from this room all the way over here into our bedroom in which i was finally able to pin him down. >> reporter: delacy's girlfriend called 911, and white was arrested. fredericksburg police say the suspect may be responsible for a series of daylight burglaries, including one that happened here on rappahannock avenue, police say, about 30 minutes before he broke into delacy's home. delacy says he's no hero, especially when he learned the would be burglar tried to steal his loaded gun. >> i'm a big dude. maybe i have a little age on my
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side. i feel like someone was looking out for me yesterday. >> reporter: fredericksburg police say they support a homeowner's right to defend his home. meanwhile, the suspect is in jail being held out bond, facing burglary, larceny, and weapons charges. in fredericksburg, jane watrel, news 4. ahead on "news 4 today" on this tuesday. >> a 9-year-old girl is behind the wheel. wait until you see who is her passengers and why.
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john corbett and celo will be on tonight's episode of "parent hood." i'm trying to get a look. who is that on his t-shirt? is that like a miley cyrus or something? >> it should be interesting. ce-lo playing himself on tv. he's branching out. it's 4:41. let's check in with tom kierein in the stormcenter. tom, change coming today?
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maybe not until tomorrow morning. we should stay dry until then. we're down in the 40s in most locations shenandoah valley and into the mountains. but near the atlantic baechls, we're generally in the 50s. 55 at reagan national. parts of montgomery county, frederick county, loudoun county, they're down in the mid and upper 40s. right around the beltway in southern montgomery county, low to mid-50s. low and mid-50s in arlington, fairfax, and prince george's county. over the last 24 hours, cloudiness rolling through here the last few hours. we'll have clouds with us in and out throughout the day. sunrise 7:20. temperatures up around 70 by early afternoon, and clouds thickening up overnight tonight. here's your evening planner. sunset at 6:26. cloudy evening. down into the low 60s at midnight. by this time tomorrow morning, looks like rain moving in. we'll look at that, the rest of the week, and the weekend at
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4:51. here's a look at our tuesday morning traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. breaking news out of olney, maryland, if you're traveling georgia avenue at batchellors forest road, looks like the lanes are reopened. i'm checking cameras in that area, and i can see traffic flowing. if you're traveling 395, still have an accident 395 north shutting down the ramp to edsall road. accident there has caused that ramp to be closed. just want to make awe wayou awa that. let's head up to 270 in maryland. this is the view of falls road. not seeing any problems there. shooting over to i-66, actually clear in both directions, both inside and outside of the beltway. as you continue through to the rosslyn tunnel, not seeing any problems for you. now back to you both. >> thanks, danella. >> it is 4:43. 59 degrees. a 9-year-old girl drives to the gas station. find out why her father is
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a totally different way to save on car insurance. the better you drive, the more you can save. no wonder snapshot's catching on. plug into the savings you deserve, with snapshot from progressive. welcome back at 4:46. this morning a michigan father faces child abuse charges for letting his 9-year-old drive because he was drunk. a surveillance camera shows the little girl carefully pulling up to the gas tank. this was at 3:00 in the morning. she's 9 years old. once inside, the drunk father bragged to the gas station clerk about his designated driver. >> 9 years old, and she's mine.
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dad drinking. listen, we're leaving. and she's driving. she drives us here, i swear to you. 9 years old in the truck. we're here. she drove all the way here. >> and i parked. >> oh, my goodness. a customer followed the girl and called police. get this, according to police, when officers pulled her over, the girl said, i'm driving just fine. why did you pull me over? gee, i wonder. >> and i parked, she said. i like that big finish. and i parked it. >> so they're bragging together. i'm just going to put my mommy hat on for a second. shame on that dad. he put her life at risk and put her in danger. >> great role model there, huh? >> and he's drunk as a skunk bragging about it. >> on that surveillance camera. >> i endangered my daughter's life. he's in big trouble. >> eun yang would never let that happen. >> are you kidding me? never. the thought of it makes me sick. now to a news 4 exclusive this morning involving the case of a gaithersburg man accused of
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a woman's disappearance in aruba. yesterday an aruban judge ruled gary giordano will stay behind bars on the island. he's the only suspect in the presumed death of his travel companion robyn gardner. now we're hearing from his new attorney for the first time. he says there is no way his client could have killed gardner. he claims giordano didn't have enough time to pull it off. >> gary giordano was a few days in aruba. in approximately two hours, he would have had to kill her, take her to somewhere on the island, bury her or dump her in a cave. i've lived here all my life. there are caves apparently in st. nicholas, not so far away from the beach where the lady disappeared. i wouldn't know how to find them. >> coming up on the "today" show, nbc's janet shamlian will have the latest on the case. you can watch the "today" show at 7:00 here on nbc. after a six-year hiatus, the
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pentagon will resume negotiations with north korea this morning on an effort to recover the remains of about 5,500 u.s. service members unaccounted for since the korean war. talks will take place in bangkok, thailand. the recovery operation was stopped in 2005 over safety concerns for the recovery teams as u.s.-north korean relations soured. the operation began in 1996 to bring home u.s. service members who were killed when they were overrun by chinese forces in the fall of 1950. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad denied allegations that iranian agents were involved in the plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador here in washington. ahmadinejad says the u.s. fabricated the story in part to divert attention away from the internal economic problems. ahmadinejad also said the u.s. was accusing iran of involvement in a terror plot to strengthen international sanctions against the islamic republic. he said iran will not
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investigate the allegations. author and civil rights activist cornell west will not face charges for protesting at the supreme court. prosecutors decided not to press charges against the princeton university professor and 18 others after that arrest on sunday. demonstrating on court grounds with signs is prohibited. west said he got nothing during his night in jail and only a single cup of water. outside west blasted corporate greed, corporate media ownership, and what he called a racial criminal justice system. the maryland state senate could vote today on the state's redistricting plan despite plenty of criticism. the democratic controlled senate rejected an amendment last night that would have modified the plan. republicans claim the redistricting map is nothing more than a brazen attempt to oust republican congressman roscoe bartlett. if the redistricting plan passes today, it will head to the house of delegates. for the second time in a month, walmart has announced it will build a new store in montgomery county. according to "the washington
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post," the store would be built in the pike center shopping plaza off rockville pike. the nation's largest planning a store in aspen hill. it's part of an effort by walmart to expand into urban areas. but the store which would open by 2013 is drawing criticism as it would replace six shops that already exist in the shopping center and would likely bring more traffic to an already congested roadway. take a look at this video. this is a bust storm in lubbock, texas. an 8,000 foot high wall of dust moved through the city at about 6:00 p.m. last night. winds over 70 miles per hour pushed that dust through the city, knocking down street signs, power lines, and reducing visibility to nearly zero. no injuries were reported. there has been a drought in west texas. the national weather service says that 2011 could be the driest year on record. >> look at that orange coming up
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there. almost looks like a movie. >> i know you have alrlergieall. can you imagine? you can't breathe. you can't see. >> almost like the dust bowl of the 1930s. it's the worst drought in texas history in many locations there. we've had had quite a bit of rain here, and it looks like by this time tomorrow morning we'll have rain moving in. good morning. right now around the region temperatures are chilly. right now 55 at reagan national and nearly matches the dewpoint. so the humidity is rather high. we do have a little patchy, wispy ground fog forming in the rural areas. watch out for that, especially on the rural roads near open fields. watch out for deer too leaping out of the fog and startling you on this tuesday morning. right now just near 50 in the shenandoah valley. much of west virginia is in the 40s right now. a few places here in maryland in the 40s. in northern montgomery county and howard and frederick, carroll, it's near low 40s to mid-40s there. closer to washington, though,
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southern montgomery counties in the low 50s, as well as in arlington, fairfax, prince george's, much of southern maryland and the northern neck, eastern shore this morning. the front that came through yesterday is sort of stalled out. now it's drifting back north and giving us a lot of cloudiness around today. i don't think we're going to have any rain. as we go forward with our future weather, just clouds in and out from time to time. by the time we get to around the early morning hours tomorrow is when we'll have the clouds thickening up and this area of color. this is the zone of potential rain. it does look like by this time tomorrow morning, we'll have maybe some rain in the eastern and southern suburbs, especially on the eastern shore. then that rain will sweep west and come over us during the day on wednesday. so for the rest of this tuesday, expect sunshine in and out, but quite a bit of cloudiness too. sunrise will be at 7:20, and we'll have highs reaching near 70. become down into the low 60s by late evening, this evening as clouds close in. sunset's at 6:26.
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by dawn tomorrow, probably some light rain moving in. off and on through the day, showers on wednesday. there's a small chance of isolated thunder showers on wednesday afternoon, especially areas around the bay and points east. highs reaching upper 60s. then chillier weather moves in for thursday. a bit of a blustery wind. highs low to mid-60s. then sunny on thursday. afternoon highs just near 60. remaining cold on saturday and sunday mornings, only near 40. afternoon highs low 60s with bright sunshine. beautiful weekend coming up. ought to be dry monday too. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. still seeing the ramp to edsall road shut down if you're traveling 395 north. accident there takes that lane away. earlier this morning we had construction in montgomery county on the inner loop and outer loop. let's start in prince george's county, checking cameras there. not seeing any traffic for you. here's a look at the beltway at branch avenue, inner loop and outer loop is clear.
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as we head over to the traffic lane cameras and check the beltway, montgomery county, you're clear there. and inner loop and outer loop, here's the view at robinson terminal, no accidents or major delays to report at this time. i'll be back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. time 4:54. coming up on this tuesday, that's some pig. a news 4 viewer adopts an abandoned potbelly pig. we'll show you his new digs.
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♪ [ female announcer ] find yourself sometimes cleaning up after your dishcloth? bounty extra soft can help. it's super durable, and in this lab test bounty extra soft leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth. even with just one sheet. super clean. super soft. bounty extra soft. in the pink pack. and try bounty napkins.
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and welcome back. firefighters in prince george's county are doing their part to raise awareness about breast cancer. for the arrerest of the month, firefighters can forego regular uniforms for the special pink ones. they were sold within the department. firefighters have raised $10,000 so far. those proceeds will go to the susan g. komen foundation. wonderful. he was found wandering alone on a prince william county road, but after an appearance here on news 4, it didn't take long for someone to fall in love with wilbur the pig. this morning he has a brand new pen to call home and a new name. news 4's aaron gilchrist visited his new family. >> reporter: he's the potbelly porker previously known as wilbur. now they call him norm. no longer an orphan, instead
4:59 am
he's in fauquier county living high on the hog. >> i saw your news story, and i saw norm, and you know, he's just very handsome. i thought, i think i need that pig. although my husband's out of the country right now. what a nice surprise that is. >> reporter: just last week wilbur was up for adoption at the prince william county animal shelt shelter. his previous owner found the 200-pounder too much to handle. not a problem for the normans. ten acres of farm land and a new best friend that he's already snuggled up to like a pig in a blanket. >> he's awesome. he's quiet. for a big male like that, he's a lot more gentle and quiet than i thought he'd be. >> reporter: while norm's new people love having him, eventually he'll have a farmful of friends from the animal kingdom. >> we have goats and llamas and dogs and cats and a turtle and chickens. i always miss the chickens. >> reporter: the other animals will probably think norm is a pretty terrific


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